2023 Standings

 4/12 Proven Horses  Event  BOTY    TotalFuturity
PlaceContractorHot BrandNameThorsPonokaThorsForsythFairNWCCWhiteLantin Pts20-Oct-23
1Frank Wyzykowski864Calypso   90 86  176Qualified
2Big Bend Ranch905 6887     85172Qualified
3Robbie Bucking Horses81Hot Shot 80     88168Qualified
           4/5.Frank Wyzykowski813Thistle Hair 797285  082167Qualified
           4/5.Big Bend Ranch819 83      84167Qualified
6JD Bar Rodeo            V26Peanut Brittle78      85163Qualified
7Robbie Bucking Horses              O8Prime Cut  76    86162Qualified
8JD Bar Ranch               V7 Double D Dolly     76 85161Qualified
         9/10.Incredi-Bull Rodeo (Parker)931All the Marbles  83    77160Qualified
         9/10.Buck Peters Pro Rodeo          X579Dark Whiskey      8278160Qualified
11Travis Reay – Bar U8           F811  77     80157Qualified
12/13/14.North West Cattle Co            G58   74  82  156Qualified
12/13/14.North West Cattle Co           F211   77  79  156Qualified
12/13/14.Robbie Bucking Horses83Faded View  74    82156Qualified
15Buck Peters Pro Rodeo955Hair Nation   8075   155Qualified
16Frank Wyzykowski972     73 81 154Qualified
17Travis Reay – Bar U872   81    72153Qualified
18Siklenka Bucking Horses903Peaky Blinders 77 74    151Qualified
19Buffalo Creek Bucking Co            O24Many Feathers     76 72148Qualified
20Incredi-Bull Rodeo (Parker)              O1Don’t Forget Me6975      144Qualified
21Clint Cox747     72  72144Qualified
22Clyde Poasting303Lady Jane7267      139Qualified
23Big Bend Ranch704      0 8686Qualified
24Rusty Woodward983        8787Invite
25Ground Beaking Rodeo944One Short      85 85Invite
26Incredi-Bull Rodeo (Parker)931Metis Fire 0     8484Invite
27Randy Dealrue921        8282Invite
28Ground Beaking Rodeo807Contender 0    79 79Invite
29Ground Breaking Rodeo834Friendly Fire      77 77Invite
30Billy McDonald Rodeo Co             E26   77     77Invite
31Jamie Either925        7272Invite
32Billy McDonald Rodeo Co            E25         0Invite
CMBH2 yr. old Standings   Event     as of Lights Out
       BOTY  08-SepFuturity
PlaceContractorHot BrandNamePonokaWoodwardThorsbyForsythNWCCNorth C Total PtsFinals
1Incredi-Bull Rodeo – (Dwayne)             X41   86  93.5179.5Qualified
2RTS Roughstock112     86.591177.5Qualified
3Incredi-Bull Rodeo (Dwayne)             X04Paint Brush85    91176Qualified
4Big Bend Ranch132 84.5    90.5175Qualified
57X Rodeo111     81.593174.5Qualified
6Buck Peters Pro Rodeo15Blue Eyed Slick    86.587173.5Qualified
7Frank Wyzykowski162 8584.5  86.5 171.5Qualified
8Dwayne Pillman191Thunder Rolls 86.5   84170.5Qualified
9Siklenka Bucking Horses100  78.584.575 84.5169Qualified
10Dwayne Pillman137Hatchet Jack 82   87169Qualified
11Northwest Cattle Co              J58   85 83 168Qualified
12Buck Peters Pro Rodeo106Louisville Sluggar  797988 167Qualified
13Clint Cox136  83.582.5   166Qualified
14Big Bend Ranch127 77.5    88165.5Qualified
15TT Bar Ranch19Patches on my Britches    8579164Qualified
16Big Bend Ranch120     8281.5163.5Qualified
17Frank Wyzykowski192  08182  163Qualified
18Woodward Bucking Horses135  85 76  161Qualified
19Siklenka Bucking Horses105Shes Got the Look7674.58375  159Qualified
20Haly Bundt115     80.577.5158Qualified
21Randy Delarue110  79 78  157Qualified
22Frank Wyzykowski160   8472  156Qualified
23Randy Delarue            Z121  76 79 70155Qualified
24Randy Delarue108  7274.5   146.5Qualified
25Youing Gun Buckers               X6Treaty Number  0  88.588.5Qualified
26Incredi-Bull Rodeo – Dwayne               O1  87   087Qualified
27Northwest Cattle Co               J11   86 0 86Qualified
28RTS Roughstock111     84084Qualified
29Big Bend Ranch124     80080Qualified
CMBH3 yr. old Standings   Event      as of Lights Out
       BOTY   27-AugFuturity
PlaceContractorHot BrandNamePonokaWoodwardThorsbyForsythNWCCNorth CFinals Total PtsFinals
1RTS RoughstockO11   0 82.590 172.5Qualified
2Dwayne PillmanOO6Mollys Game 83 74 87.5 170.5Qualified
3RTS RoughstockO27   83  87.5 170.5Qualified
4Flewelling RanchesH101   83 86  169Qualified
5Northwest Cattle Co.H71   80 88  168Qualified
6Incredi-Bull Rodeo – DwayneW41   85.5  82 167.5Qualified
7Frank WyzykowskiO17 84.582     166.5Qualified
8Francis Bucking HorsesO52  86.5 78   164.5Qualified
9Robbie Bucking HorsesO56Royal Rumble  83.5  80 163.5Qualified
10Incredi-Bull Rodeo (Parker)F62 8182     163Qualified
11Rylee McDonald OO Sammy’s Boy 78   83 161Qualified
12Cody WoodwardD121  82.5   77.5 160Qualified
13Randy DelarueO6Haven 81.573  75.5 157Qualified
14Clint CoxO21   74 82.5  156.5Qualified
15Woodward Bucking HorsesO77  81   74.5 155.5Qualified
16Francis Bucking HorsesO5O  83.5 69   152.5Qualified
17Dwayne PillmanO25Speak Easy 80 64   144Qualified
18Calvin McDonaldO44Smoke Ring 0    8686Qualified
19Woodward Bucking HorsesO16      83.5 83.5Qualified
20Big Bend RanchO4 83   0  83Qualified
21Billy McDonald Rodeo Co5High Stepper      7777Qualified
22Incredi-bull (Dwayne)W181Fantasy75.5    0 75.5Qualified
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